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TalktoFoodLion is a recently launched sweepstake survey by the Food Lion with the main aim to determine what their customers like and dislike. Now, this is not just any ordinary survey, Food Lion will be conducting weekly lucky draws. In Food Lion survey some respondents can win big cash prizes up to USD 500 and $500 gift card. Talk to Food Lion survey can be found at survey


The options include to respondents the feed in their opinions reading the variety of good at the store. Further regarding the cashiers, regarding the shopping environment and the customer’s overall experience. So allow me to guide you step by step on how to fill in the Food Lion survey fast. Moreover, how to increase your chances of winning big.

Food Lion Survey at

Food Lion Survey Sweepstakes

Food Lion LLC was founded in the mid-1950s in North Carolina. It has been roughly 60 years since the first Food Lion store opened and today they have around 1000 stores spread across the southeastern part of the United States. The store that opened a small food chain is now a household name for many Americans. The company has redefined the meaning of budget shopping by having many discounts and promotions for its customers. One of the reasons why Food Lion has been able to dominate the local market and develop its names so rapidly is that of the fact that they value their customers.

Their business strategy is developed for the customers rather than for their personal means only. One of the well-known technique as we discussed earlier that Food Lion has mastered, is the use of online surveys. Food Lion from time to time launches their sweepstake online surveys in order to reach out to their customers and make changes in their businesses to treat them better. In just 2017, they have launched famous surveys such as food lion grocery giveaway 2017, food lion sweepstakes 2017, food lion gift card giveaway, food lion 100 dollar giveaway, food lion free groceries for a year, food lion back to school promotion 2017 and food lion school of champions 2017.

How to Fill in the Talk To Food Lion Survey?

talk food lion survey

After you have made sure that you fulfill all the prerequisites and is ready to fill in the Food Lion survey Sweepstakes. Here is a step by step guide for you.

  • First, log onto Just click the link and you will redirect to the survey website.
  • After you access the site, key in the 19 digit code that is present on the top right section of your receipt.
  • Enter the time and date once you received the receipt. It is below on the lower end.
  • The code verification will take two-to-three seconds to verify.
  • After the verification of receipt code, you will enter to key in your details such as your name and age. You will also enter your email address. Make sure that you have access to this mail address since it is where Food Lion will update you if you are one of the lucky winners.
  • Start the Food Lion survey. Answer all the questions honestly. There is no point to answer them randomly because it does not matter if your feedbacks good or bad.
  • The questions are basic questions and fill by giving the questions ratings from one till five.
  • After answering all the questions and all the feedback, you will automatically enter in the sweepstake survey.
  • You will get 6 digit code by email. If you win the prize money, this 6 digit code and your receipt must do together. If anything from the two is missing, you will automatically be disqualified.
  • Food lion survey winners will announce at each Sunday.

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Who is Eligible for the Survey?

The survey is not 100% internet open and has certain requirements on who can fill in the Talktofoodlion survey.

  • A Food Lion survey is open to only US legal residents residing in the southeastern states only at the moment.
  • The customer survey cannot be filled by the international people living in the states. It is a national American sweepstake survey at the moment. The company will be launching the survey for the international soon.
  • In order to fill in the survey, you should be at least 18 years and above. The survey cannot be filled in by or with the name of the minor.

What are the Prerequisites for Food Lion Sweepstakes 2017

In order to fill in the survey, you must have certain things beforehand in order to fill in the survey properly. The prerequisites for survey are;

  • A purchase receipt from the Food Lion. The purchase must be no longer than 5 days ago at the time when you are filling in the survey. Please note that the amount of purchase does not affect your winning chances.
  • A proper internet connection. You must have an uninterrupted internet connection in order to fill in the survey. The survey may fill using any mobile device or your home computer.
  • You must have a surface level command of either English or Spanish.

What not to do while Filling in the

Now there are several codes of ethics that you must follow in order to maintain the effectiveness of the Food Lion survey. Therefore, here are some pointers to keep in mind while you are filling in the survey:

  • Do not use fake identity while filling in the survey. You might be fined heavy or be jailed if you are caught doing this.
  • Do not fill in the survey on someone else’s behalf. This is quite unethical to do so since you will be giving a biased feedback as opposed to a genuine one.
  • Do not fill in the survey using the same receipt twice. This will under no circumstance increase your chances of winning but will complicate the matters just in case you did win.

Introducing the Online surveys!

With the rise of the internet and almost everyone having access to the basic internet, the paper-based surveys have eventually withered off and online surveys have completely taken over. The online surveys are not online, however, the impact and reach of them are much bigger and better. There are many benefits of the online surveys which the paper-based surveys cannot compete with. Some of them are as follows;

  • They are cost effective

The online surveys are way cheaper as compared to the paper-based surveys. According to many kinds of research carried out, it was noted that cost per respondent is very less. Even if the company is offering an incentive to its customers for filling in the survey, the cost per respondent will still be much lower as compared to its paper counterpart.

  • They can reach out further

The paper-based surveys are limited to the people of a certain location. The beauty of online surveys is that they can spread out to the whole world or to the whole country depending what type of respondents do the company require. No other form of research capability can provide such a big coverage.

  • They are flexible

The online surveys are flexible in a sense that they can fill in at any time and at the ease of the respondent rather than at the ease of the receiver. They can fill on the go using your mobile device or while you are relaxing at your home sipping a coffee. The flexibility of the online surveys is what makes them so dominant in all the techniques of data collection and recording.

Big Brands and Their Online Surveys

With the online surveys having so much importance and deep reach into the market, it’s no wonder that all the major brands in the world who wants to collect any type of data from their customers refer to the online surveys. All big names such as Nike, Adidas, Burger King, McDonald’s, Subway, Food Lion and much more have existing and time to time new online surveys that hit the online market. Today in this blog, we will be talking about one of the leading grocery stores in the USA, Food Lion LLC and about their customer care online survey at Food Lion survey is an online sweepstake survey which is available on their official website which is

Have you ever come across online surveys about different brands and wondered what they are there for? Have you ever wondered that how come two minutes of your survey filling will benefit the company that much that they are willing you pay bonus prizes for it? May you ever thought how all these surveys and online customer satisfaction system works?

Customer care surveys have been there for a long time. There have been many different reasons for why the companies conduct the surveys. Out of all the reasons that exist out there, here are four main reasons to conduct the customer care surveys.

  • To listen to their customers

The survey is an excellent way to listen to your customers ( survey). Surveys in a way act as a direct communication link between the company’s top directors to the end user of their products. The surveys are structured in such a way so that the responses from the people enable the company to know what their customers want. Some surveys are also made in a way so that an effective means of discussion can be formed between customers and the business representatives.

  • To compare different results

The surveys are also taking out of many brands and companies in order to have an idea of the market. They are trying to penetrate or to compare the results of different areas and come up with a common plan. Therefore, more common part of the business tactics for companies that are either multinational or are looking to see the pros and cons of stepping into a new area. It is impractical and fruitless for companies to analyze the market after stepping into the newer untapped regions.

  • Make important decisions

Surveys are an integral business technique to make an important business decision from the stats. The responses that obtain from the surveys allows the decision makers to make moves that address. The immediate topics of importance rather than wasting time and efforts on things points that are of little importance.

Some Tips and Tricks

Like all the surveys around, there are some ways under which you may trick the system and increase your chance of winning. Here are some of the techniques especially for survey;

  • Make small purchases from the store, as small as USD 5 will work and fill in the survey each Monday. The reason being, on every Sunday the sweepstake lucky draws takes place and their database starts again. So every start of the week, you may try your luck again.
  • You may fill in the Food Lion survey sweepstakes on the behalf of your family. This is something that Food Lion themselves allows you to.

Watch Out!

Now internet surveys are not all fun and tension free. With the rise of the ease of access to the internet, and hackers are luring almost every corner of the internet now. For most of the scammers, it is easier for them to the people who come to the online surveys in hopes of winning big. The scammers make use of the respondents’ desperation and high hopes and lure them into scams. Now you have to be careful out there, so here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Do not provide your personal details anywhere on the online survey. They include your contact number, your ID card number as well as your home address.
  • The Food Lion will not be contacting you via phone call or anything. The only way that the Food Lion respondent will be approaching you is an official Food Lion email address
  • If someone calls you claiming to be Food Lion representative, just report that number directly to food lion customer care. The food lion customer service hours are from 9 am to 10 pm from Monday to Saturday.

The Final Verdict

To sum it, the online surveys are great. They are convenient, far-reaching, flexible, effective and have the low cost to launch. Big companies have integrated the online survey format as an integral part of their data collection and customer satisfaction technique. Just like other major brands, TalktoFoodLion is an initiative from Food Lion to hear to their customers and offer them prizes. Food Lion survey is an opportunity for everyone to grab and we should make use of it. Just two minutes of your time may land USD 500 in your pockets. Hurry up and fill it up at to get prize and gift cards.

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