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Mister Car Wash Satisfaction Survey


Mister Car Wash has been into business for decades, they offer fast car cleaning at affordable rates. Mister car wash has recently launched a customer care survey named as “tellmister”. It will give them the valuable feedback from you all and you all get a 25% discount on your next car wash. The Tell Mister survey is available at to get customer feedback.

Tell Mister Car Wash Satisfaction Survey

So your car is dirty after that dip in the muddy streets or the splashes of the dirt while driving. So the first place that you might go is the Mister Carwash, isn’t it? Well, they are in all across the states, in almost every state they have many stores that wash up your car within minutes. Well if mister car wash is your first choice or even if isn’t, they offering 25% off their car washes. Fill the Tell Mister Car Wash Survey at to get this offer.

The best part is that they are in across almost all the states. Just google “ car wash near my current location” or “ car wash near me drive through” and you will find mister car wash locations spread all over the map. 

Step by Step Guidelines For Survey

tell mister car wash survey

The following is a step by step easy guide on how to fill in the mistercarwash survey;

  • Log onto
  • You can also access the survey via the mobile mister car wash application.
  • Enter the location number as well as the customer number that is on your recent receipt. All these details are in the top section of the receipt.
  • Key in the other relevant details asked such as your full name, your email address and your address. Make sure that they are accurate.
  • Start the tell Mister survey. It should hardly take 2 minutes to complete the survey.
  • Rate the experience that you had at the mister car wash in the recent months. The questions are about your experience, the service provided and your satisfaction as a regular customer.
  • After the survey, you will get 6 digit code. Write that down on the survey receipt. Visit your nearest mister car wash and get 25% discount.

Click To Start Survey

What You Need to Fill in the Mister Car Wash Survey?

You need the following in order to fill the Mister Car Wash Customer survey;

  • A recent car wash receipt from mister carwash.
  • A legal residency in the United States.
  • Must be above the age of 18 at the time of filling in the survey.
  • The car that you bring in to wash, you must be the owner of a car.

The Tellmister Survey and the Company

receipt survey

Tell Mister car wash survey is as simple as it gets and the prize for us is as welcoming as it gets. There are no lucky draws, no other time wasting things and no need to wait days to get your prize. The idea is just simple. Fill in the survey, get us the verification code and get a discount on your car wash, that’s all. They really do love their customers, don’t they? Well, this generous attitude is what has made the company become one of the most recognized car washing solutions.

Excellent mister car wash customer service and affordable mister car wash prices are what the brand is most commonly known as. They also have many mister car wash coupons that they distribute from time to time. Mister car wash is great and so is their fabulous survey, if you haven’t filled it yet, just log onto and get a 25% discount on your next car wash.

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    This is no longer current. I just completed the survey and there was nothing referencing the discount that you mention.

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